What makes Classwish Unique!

by admin on June 9, 2010

(written by Kristin Morency)

1. Ease of use: Teachers simply shop online to create Wish Lists, and they can easily modify them at any time. Donors and visitors see exactly what a teacher needs and choose how they want to help. ClassWish also provides teachers with free tools (such as emails and flyers) to swiftly inform and inspire their community to donate.

2. Inclusiveness: Teachers, administrators, and PTA/PTO officers at all public, nonprofit, private and parochial K-12 schools, daycares, and afterschool programs can benefit from ClassWish.

3. No limits: ClassWish allows any teacher to ask for any items at any time — teachers aren’t required to request items for specific projects. This helps maintain ongoing engagements between educators and donors, and allows donor-teacher relationships to flourish.

4. Immediate impact: There is no donation “minimum”— teachers start receiving supplies when the first donation is received. Donors immediately witness how their contributions are making a difference.

5. Affordability: ClassWish adds only 3% and 30 cents per order to the retail price, to cover credit card fees.